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Atom company started its journey in 2002 in Russia and was initially engaged in the implementation of tools for car service. At that time, the company consisted of two people and a room with an area of 20 squares. But after 3 years of work, there were more than 10 employees, and 200 square meters of working space. This is how the online store worked until 2013.

Next, Autotools opened the production of PDR tools, glass repair tools, and also opened the automotive electronics department. These areas are still a priority for us at the moment. After more than 10 years of work: we have sent 19,000 parcels, taken a leading position in the market of PDR tools in Russia and have 500 meters of warehouse space, a production workshop and more than 20 people permanently working in the company.

Our strengths


PDR lamps


For more than 10 years of creating PDR light, we have created for you the most balanced product on the PDR instrument market. In terms of price and quality, our lamps will beat any competitor. Thanks to our own production, we do not resell other people’s goods, but make any lamp at your request within 1 week. If you want to arrange the light strips in your own order, please contact us and we will do what you need. For convenience, there is a product calculator on the site, where you can choose any PDR lamp you need in a convenient form.

For each lamp, we give a 1-year warranty for any breakdowns. Our PDR light is used by professionals from 14 countries and helps us to improve the product for you!

pdr light
PDR hooks


Our PDR hooks are made of high-carbon steel, which allows them to withstand heavy loads and long-term operation even in the harshest conditions. Each of our hooks is covered with a protective nickel coating, so that the tool does not rust and looks neat. The proximity to metal mining sites allows us to make hooks at very affordable prices.

The company’s product range includes 10 basic sets of hooks, as well as about 300 piece tools. A free catalog is available on the company’s website for viewing If you need a tool for resale, we can make it for you and apply the necessary logo. To do this, contact us via Whatsapp +7 (906) 992-61-06

We will be glad to partner with you!

pdr hooks
Glass Repair Tool


We produce car window repair kits for any budget, glass removal kits, as well as glass installation systems by one master. In our assortment you will find drills for drilling, automotive polymers, bridges for glass repair and UV lamps of our own production.

Tool has repeatedly confirmed its reliability in dozens of countries around the world! Our car window repair tool is one of the most affordable and high-quality for its price. Autotools is the official distributor of company First Glass products, so you will find in our assortment polymers at a price from the manufacturer!

We try to be the most affordable and high-quality for you!

Set of tools for repairing chips and cracks on windshields

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