Set of tools for repairing chips and cracks on windshields (Maximum)


Set of tools for repairing chips and cracks on windshields (Maximum)


Set of tools for repairing chips and cracks on windshields.

Complete set of the case in the description.

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Set of tools for repairing chips and cracks on windshields (Maximum)

This set of auto glass repair equipment provides the most tools at the lowest cost.It has everything you may need to start a glass repair business, as well as detailed instructions.

Composition of the windshield repair kit:

* Assembly of the bridge platform with a pneumatic injector. – 1 PC.
(The bridge is new as shown in a separate photo. Improved visibility, reduced weight, improved appearance, reduced weight..)

The updated bridge platform with improved visibility is made of light metal with a shock-resistant coating.

• Basic polymer for repairing cracks (40 chips, Liquid, red cap) – 0.5 oz. USA (15ml.)

* Polymer sealing for chip repair (Thick) – 0.5 oz. USA (15ml.)

* Boron machine 220/12 volts (powered by 220V or cigarette lighter socket) – 1 PC. You can choose different models of borashin when ordering. By default, the price includes an ergonomic Bor machine with smooth speed control and a power supply. To see the full list of Bor of machines in the section of Microdrile and the Boers

• Professional supercharger with pressure gauge, creates vacuum+pressure. 1 year warranty – 1 PC.

* Elastic seals for pneumatic injectors, durable, USA – 2 PCs.
* Hose with quick – release connection (USA, 1 year warranty) – 1 PC.

* Extension wire with double cigarette lighter socket (option for imp. boron machine) – 1 PC.

• Odometer to measure the length of the polygonal cracks (gives + 30% benefits when measuring)– 1 PC.

* Bores for drilling glass. Working tip 0.6 mm. US-up.(5 PCs.)

* Auto glass crack expander (squeezes from the inside to make the crack open wider and easier for the polymer to flow into it) – 1 PC.

* UV lamp 12V – 1 PC.

* Thermo film in strips (Required for drying polymers) Germany – 1 pack.

• Scraper with a retractable blade for removing excess solidified polymer– 1 PC

* Control mirror in the suction Cup. Aegis. America – 1 PC.

• The Scriber – 1 PC.

* Brush for cleaning the hole in the glass. Germany – 1 PC.

* Safety glasses with scents. eye protection from glass fragments and UV lamp radiation up to 98% – 1 PC.

* Instructions describing the technology and operation of glass repair equipment – 1 PC.

• Case for storing tools – 1 PC.

See the video review in the description!




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