Endoscope E111


Endoscope E111


Video endoscope E 111

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Endoscope for car motors E111

New and inexpensive USB endoscope with a remote-controlled 8mm camera (probe head, one-way articulation). Camera illumination is adjustable.

Camera control is mechanical, using a button. By bending the tip of the cable with the camera , the camera’s viewing angle is more than 180 degrees.

Visual inspection of hidden cavities, aggregates, and various hard-to-reach places (automotive, construction, railway, aviation, and other industries). It can be used as a tool for monitoring cars, railway and other transport.

The endoscope is compatible with Android, Windows XP, 7, 8 Linux, and MACintosh devices

Features of the endoscope:

The controlled camera is located on a flexible cable of 0.8 m. the Handle of the endoscope has soft pads.
The endoscope is light and easy to operate with one hand.
Camera rotation angle: from 0 ° to 180 °, with the ability to fix the camera’s bending angle.
Included, 4 removable protective covers. (rubber tube – protection of the camera rotation mechanism)
To fix the camera at a certain angle ,the” lock nut ” must be unscrewed.

Attention! The camera should be controlled with the “lock nut” twisted»

Technical parameters:

1. Photo camera resolution: 640×480 (picture clear) Video 640×480 30 frames per second

3. Interface: USB2. 0.

To work with your phone, use the “mini USB” adapter. To get a picture on your phone – download and install the program “CameraFi»

4. Focal length: 40mm-400mm

5. Camera angle 60 °

Due to the camera’s bend, the camera’s viewing angle is more than 180 degrees.

6. Camera illumination: 6 adjustable LEDs.

7. Brightness at a distance of 200 mm: 200 lumens

8. Operating temperature: 10 ° to 50 °

9. Storage temperature: 0 ° to 70 °

10. Camera moisture protection: IP66

11. Power supply: via USB port of PC or tablet (phone)

Delivery set:

Endoscope. Mini USB cable 2 meters long. 4 removable protective covers. (rubber tube – protection of the camera rotation mechanism). Plastic case. Weight: 400g.



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