Shipping & Payment


Enter the tracking number in the window that opens


We ship orders using the EMS service. It is an express delivery company operating all over the world.

The company’s website has a tracking system and a cost calculator. Company website

We trust this company because in more than 10 years of working with them, we have successfully delivered more than 19,000 packages. The product is sent from the office in Moscow.

We pack goods very efficiently, as we ship parcels all over the world. The packaging always has several layers of cardboard and air film for maximum . We guarantee that you will get your product the way we made it.

Example of sending to Africa


Payment for the product is made direct bank transfer.

Sequence of actions:
1. Place an order on the website
2. Get information about the availability of the product, its final cost, the cost of final delivery and payment details to your email address.
3. Pay for the product using the bank card or invoice
4. Get a track number for tracking the product.

The warranty for the product is provided by receipt and order number

We work officially, so we can work with companies. You can find all our details on the contact page.

All of the company’s warranty obligations, refunds, and claims are handled on an individual basis. Whatsapp: +7 906 992-61-06